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This site is for the following people: Jews, who want to learn about what it means to be Torah-Observant, without any pressure and at your own pace... and/or Gentiles, who want to understand what a relationship with the G_d of Israel, and His People means... Anyone and Everyone who is interested in finding their own path in life will find the information provided here of interest... Whether you are born Jewish, converted, interested in conversion, from a disenfranchised or questionable Judaic background; regardless of your affiliation being reform, conservative, orthodox, haredi; or whether you are Gentile, from a Catholic, Protestant, Evangelic, non-religious American-Christian background, a secular background, atheist, theist, pagan (Wiccan), new-age/pantheist; from an Eastern/Russian/Greek Orthodox or Hispanic origin; Buddhist; Hindu; Islamic (Arab, or "Black-Muslim"); or of a Tribal Asian, -African, -Amazonian, -Australian/Pacific or First American heredity, there will be something interesting here for you... We respect the views and philosophy of the nations and we hope you will find the information here helpful in understanding how we should relate to and with one another, as well as why things are the way they are, however we do not claim to have all the answers, nor even all the questions, yet we will offer the viewpoint that has been the heritage of our people for over 4500 years... that began with a man named Avraham, who was a descendant of Shem, from Noah, from Adam. This heritage has been passed by both word of mouth and written text from one generation to next. We survived slavery in Egypt and emerged as G_d's People at Mount Sinai, when G_D gave us His Torah. This Torah, as we hold, was and is the blueprint of the universe and the subtext for all human relations. It is not a requirement for anyone other than a Jew to adhere to all its mandates, however the Torah does contain a basic Seven requirements that have the capability of making human interaction on earth ethical, and if/when every nation, people-group, family and individual learns these Seven laws of Noah there is the capability of peace, and spiritual fulfillment for everyone. Perhaps then we will comprehend what our purpose as human beings really is... and we will live in a world where the Moshiach can and will be recognized as the king of humanity, and the World will be The Kingdom of G_d consisting of every nation and every people, "Where nation will not lift sword against nation"... Where G_d's laws, beginning with the natural laws of the physical world (such gravity, thermo-dynamics, and quantum physics) and reaching to the spiritual concepts of love, forgiveness, grace and Holiness, will be readily apparent. As it says in the Torah "From my flesh, I percieve G_d..." [Iyov/Job 19:26] Please feel free to leave comments and questions at our email: judaiccenter@gmail.com Please use our navigation barre (opposite this page) in order to turn to any page for more information, including: Torah lessons, our schedule of activities, products, and links to other interesting sites that we recommend... Kol Tuv!

A site to explore being Jewish, and what it is to be a Noachide; also purchase Yehonatan Levy's new book

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